Gaitway Farm offers top quality Rocky Mountain horses knows for their phenominal disposition, super smooth natural gait and beauty. Our horses are family raised, we offer horses for sale of superior breeding stock as well as for trail and show.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our up coming Summer Clinics. We will be hosting clinics specializing in Natural horsemanship with an emphasis on the gaited horse. Our goal is to share what we have found through the trainers below with all of our fellow horse lovers. They will show you phenomenal things in these 2 day clinics. We know you will leave it saying that it was MORE than worth your while. You will leave with safer techniques, a better gaiting horse, great learning tools and a happier horse and rider. Not to mention the chance to talk horses for a whole weekend and meet new horse friends!!!

We are very passionate about our horses and are so exited to be able to share these trainers with you!!! We know how frustrating things can be and want to help you all reach a new level with your horses. Our goal is for every one to succeed with their horses in a safe and happy relationship as we have found through the below trainers with ours.

Clinic #1: Richie Wingfield May 8-10, 2015

Openings still available
Richie uses a conditioned response method of training, combining knowledge and understanding to produce cooperation and control. Richie’s philosophy is that you should be able to obtain the same performance as your trainer or your time and money have been wasted. The horse owner, having been taught the proper techniques, will then be able to teach their horse to perform to their expectations

Richie really has compassion and can read the horse. See the quotes below from his website of

This is a great opportunity to spend a weekend getting a refresher course to learn more about John and Josh Lyons methods of training from a certified trainer. If you haven't tried these fool-proof methods, it is well worth your time to learn! These techniques were developed to ensure a gentler, more effective way to train your horse. Using conditioned response techniques can change the attitude of both you and your horse, and make riding and training more fun! Richie is an excellent teacher, explaining the steps in a down to earth easy to understand format

Richie has been present at the last few RMHA INTL shows doing demonstrations and giving private lessons to youths and adults alike. We personally have taken part and were very impressed. He will be at the 2007 RMHA INTL also due to popular demand !!!!

A Look at Richie's Clinics...

Each clinic will differ depending on the rider's ability and experience.

Day 1
Afternoon demonstration, questions and answers. Richie will discuss his training philosophies and will discover the personal goal of each horse and rider team. Discuss the information and foundation work that will develop over the next three days.

Day 2

The major focus of this clinic will be on desensitization and collection; strengthening gait and trot fluidness.

The clinic format takes you through all basic maneuvers required for teaching your horse to move at body parts independently. These training methods can be used for all riding disciplines. For a PDF with more information on clinics, hosting and a contract please click the link below.

Richie Clinic PDF

Richie also has his own style and from what he did with a very cocky stud colt of ours spoke volumes........ He took a very disrespectful colt and turned him (using gentle/natural techniques) into an attentive calm well behaved colt !!!!!!!!!

He has been doing demos at the RMHA INTL for several years now working horses never touched or problem horses and bringing out a really nice horse at the end of a session. Richie also trains RM horses in KY. His clinic differs from Jochi's in that you work in a group setting and can learn from each other. Its very hands on and informative

He will also take note if any one horse or person have difficulty and work on that issue at hand right then. He will also ask if any one has a specific problem with their horse that they would like worked on or with.

Richie's clinic is 350.00 per horse which is a very reasonable fee for all of the time you and your horse will be getting!!! 12 horse limit several slots still available

Spectator fee is $25.00 per person per day no limits

We will provide stalls for your horse we only ask that you please feed your horse and clean your stall daily. Shavings are available @ $6.00 per bag (2 wash stalls are on premises for your use also)

The event takes place in our indoor arena which is heated for cool weather and is insulated so in summer it stays very comfortable. Bring a comfortable chair/lawn chair.

Full bathroom and lounge attached to arena. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided along with beverages (coffee, water, soda) Spectator fee is $25.00 each. Those bringing horses are welcome to camp in their trailers or there are hotels near by which I can email you names and #s of.

References from past VERY happy Richie customers are happily supplied

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WAUSAU, WI. 54401

715-675-3933 or email us at

We look forward to have you join us for these exciting learning experiences!!!!

Gary and Louise Neidert
RMHA Vice President

Julie Neidert-Sherfinski
Gaitway Farm Manager


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